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New Paradigm MDT workshops with Phyllis Brooks

May 13-16, 2017 13D Master workshop in Wendell, MA

TBA: Basic Teacher workshop in Wendell, MA

May 20-21, 2017: 13D Master Upgrade workshop in Wendell, MA

May 6-7, 2017: Basic Master workshop in Wendell, MA

All workshops scheduled on demand.

Registration information

Baba in the USA--3 workshops in 2017!

Oct 13, 14, & 15, 2017 ( plus extra optional days Oct 16 & 17)
(2nd U.S. planetary workshop dates added due to popular demand; first workshop quickly sold out!)

Heart of the Dove at Peace Valley Sanctuary (PVS) - near Hot Springs, AR
(home of major conscious earth-keeper crystals & portals)
$857 3-day / $989 5-day (not including meals & lodging - see page 2)
John will facilitate a 3 day workshop with an optional 2 day excursion extension in this unique & important area.

Heart of the Dove at Peace Valley Sanctuary is located in southwest Arkansas surrounded by the Ouachita
National Forest & is the mystical site of a conscious Earth-Keeper Crystal. Peace Valley is a sanctuary of ancient wisdom, healing & transcendence. It is one of the most sacred & unique places in the U.S., if not the world. For years, Peace Valley was ‘cloaked’ from the general public at the request of the Master & Angelic Realms because of its delicate energetics.

 3-day Workshop only FEE: $857 (plus meals & lodging for 3 nights, Thur. - Sat.)
 5-day workshop only FEE: $989 (plus meals & lodging for 5 nights, Thur. - Mon. & any entrance fees.)

for application and more info contact: Mary Beth Curry and Terri Peterson
Mary Beth  / mbcurry516@gmail.com
Terri / theconnectingspirit@gmail.com  / www.theconnectingspirit.com

2 StarGate Workshops with John Armitage
A star-gate is a doorway (portal) granting easy access to multi-dimensional realities and frequencies. The star-gate is based on sacred geometry. How it works and the various features will be dealt with in these 2 days.
Due to the huge changes that have, and are, occurring on planet Earth with the energies available, the star-gate now grants access to galactic/intergalactic/universal/inter-universal realities.

The meditations and activations in this workshop will be focused on integrating the awareness of expanded love consciousness using the star-gate as a tool in conjunction with Crystal Skull teams and the 13 ancient skulls.

Chicago, IL

Date: September 23 & 24 2017
Organizers: Sarah B. Kerr & Barbara Allen
sarahbkerr@gmail.com or mvbja@yahoo.com
Price and Location TBD

New Orleans, LA

Date: October 21 & 22

Organizer: Faun Fenderson
Location is known, price TBD

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